Foreign language education is an integral part of academic programmes at Doğuş University, where learning a foreign language is viewed as a compelling need to adapt to fast changing circumstances of the era and the globalized world. With this view in mind, equipping the students with the skills that will enable them to communicate effectively in at least one, but preferably two or more foreign languages is seen as one of the most important means of raising self-confident and competitive individuals and graduates. 

In line with the university’s mission, Department of Foreign Languages aims at contributing to the education of independent and contemporary individuals who are equipped with the skills of analytical, critical and creative thinking and possess an intellectual curiosity and sense of responsibility. To this end, all the courses and programmes offered by the Department of Foreign Languages enable the students to develop intellectually besides improving their knowledge and skills in learning a foreign language. An integrated skills approach, has been adopted in the design of these courses and programmes to allow for the teaching of academic skills together with language skills. The courses and programmes offered by the department have been designed taking internationally accepted standards and language learning and teaching criteria into consideration. 

Being the most widely learned and spoken language in the world, English is given priority in the teaching and learning of a foreign language at Doğuş University. In addition to English, courses in German and Chinese which are offered at different levels, create opportunities for learning a second foreign language.

A student-centered approach has been adopted in the design of the courses and programmes offered by the Department of Foreign Languages. The department encourages students to develop an awareness of their own learning and to be able to utilise different learning styles and strategies in their language development. In this way, learner autonomy is emphasized and supported by the learning opportunities and resources of the department.

Tuğba N. Kın
Head of Foreign Languages Unit


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